I – Hopeless Wanderer


Around the start of March this year (2014) I went to see my GP about a few things. I had a small lump toward the top of my right breast (I would later learn to be positionally referred to as 1 O’clock), which I had noticed about Christmas time. Heather (my doc) said it felt clinically cyst-ish, but said ‘let’s send you for an ultrasound anyway’. 

Heather is an absolutely amazing woman. She has been my GP since I was about 15. She is clever, comprehensive in her consults and always makes you feel cared for and looked after. I think, she might actually be, the busiest human in the world. Even busier than the busiest person you know. Yet she never rushes an appointment and never makes you feel silly. Her compassion and sincerity make up for the seemingly incessant time spent in the waiting room due to her continual lateness. She is probably one of the only selfless late people in existence.

I was reasonably dismissive of her suggestion to get the ultra sound and didn’t book it for about 2 weeks; I didn’t think it was urgent, I’m 27, it couldn’t be anything!

8/3/14 - With my lady loves Evie and Clo

8/3/14 – With my lady loves Evie and Clo at the Jazz Apple.

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