V – Better Be Home Soon


I am now back at my parents, recovering from the operation. Pain is slowly diminishing every day! My movement is increasing and I’m getting my appetite back (that was never going to take long). I’ve been back to the surgeon to hear the results of the surgery. Apart from it being successful, he told me the pathology report explained that out of the 21 lymph nodes removed (everyone has about 20-30 of them in that area), 13 of them were cancerous. Which concreted the fact that I would need Chemotherapy and Radiation.

I am booked in to see the Oncologist on the 1st May, at Nepean Cancer Care, whom Auntie Joan has said are great. I don’t have a set date as to when Chemo will start, but it will be some time at the beginning of May. I brought up with Dr Moon my concern of having to wait a week to have the initial operation after finding out, then even longer for Chemo. He said it would not be a worry, it would not move that fast. Although aggressive, it has probably been in my body for about 18 months. My body needs to heal before Chemo starts, as it can really create havoc on your immune system.

The breast care nurses at The Breast Cancer Institute are amazing, kind and are so good at what they do. I think it’s so important in these situations that the patient is made to feel comfortable; in reality, our lives are in their hands. I am aware that Breast Cancer Awareness is all over the joint at the minute and seems to be trending. However, being in this situation has made me realise just how much more they need to help this situation. Not just with breast cancer, but health in general. Westmead Public Hospital is so tired and worn down, it is actually heartbreaking to walk through the corridors and into the bathrooms.

5/4/14 - Home from Hospy!

5/4/14 – Home from Hospy!

5/4/14- Saturday night study session with Ash.

5/4/14- Saturday night study session with Ash.

9/4/14 - A present from my dear friend Julia. Am I that transparent? How did you know?

9/4/14 – A present from my dear friend Julia. Am I that transparent? How did you know?

6 thoughts on “V – Better Be Home Soon

  1. Laura

    Hi Ali, I am a work colleague of your Dad’s.
    He has informaed the women of the office of your journey and shared this link with us.
    I just would like to let you know what an inspiration you are!
    You a such a brave, positive and strong young lady with high spirit!
    Reading your blog brought tears to my eyes, while laughing and putting a smile on my face.
    Wishing you all the best for your recovery.
    Keep it up!!


  2. I’m a friend of Heather Johnson. I’m a teacher and Heather always told me great things about the experience you’ve got under your belt. Will continue to follow your blog. NCCC is tops. You are in good hands. The amount of times the radiation appts are pushed back because of the damn machine being temperamental is ridiculous though. All the best.

  3. Rachel

    What a fabulous way to deal with what life has thrown at you. I went down this same path in 2010 and feel your pain. The Nepean Cancer Care centre staff were wonderful to me and made the whole thing a lot easier to cope with. Wishing you well and hoping that your life is back on track (or as it is known the “New normal” ) very soon

  4. Kim Gribble

    Ali – thinking of you!! Thanks for all the information. It is inspirational reading it.
    A quote that I like… “Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.”- Gandhi
    Keep smiling gorgeous lady!

  5. Carol

    Your a very brave young lady Ali and such a good writer. Very humorous, positive outlook you have. I hope all goes well with the chemo and radiation, from Carol a friend of Kaetha’s mum Gabe.

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