Cancer Is A Dirty Word.


Hello Ladies, Gentlemen and Brett,

I’ve created this page for numerous reasons. The main one being that there are so many people I love in my life, who are all around the world; I am having a difficult time keeping everyone up to date with what is going on. Also, maybe sharing what’s happening to me might help someone else that finds themselves in this ridiculous situation that is comparable to the shock of being slapped in the face with a freshly caught Sea Bass. Another reason is that I am about to have a hell of a lot of free time and apart from watch funny youtube videos of people stacking it and attempt to learn the piano properly, what else am I going to do?

At this moment in time, it is 19 days after I originally found out that I had breast cancer. In these last (nearly) 3 weeks I have been consoled by numerous doctors and medical professionals, been comforted by some beautiful nurses and have spent some time in hospital undergoing surgery. Surgery included a bi-lateral mastectomy with immediate reconstruction and lymph node axillary clearance of my right side (for battlers, that means I had my fun bags removed and replaced with fakies and also had all the lymph nodes removed from under my arm).

My biggest anxiety in this whole thing has been about letting the people I love know about what’s going on. There have been some mixed reactions, most containing shock and disbelief. It’s been so interesting to see how diversely everyone reacts to such news. Some of my thoughts about how to approach this have been:

– What if I tell nobody about what’s going on, say I’m going on a sabbatical from work and go into hibernation?

– What if I just tell everyone I’m pursuing my life long goal of becoming a stripper by getting a boob job?


– What if I just tell everyone the truth? What if I tell everyone I know and love about what is happening to my body and my life and take them on the journey with me? It’d make it heaps less lonely; I never have been one to keep secrets or hide away. In turn, people might be able to share their stories with me, which could make things easier.

So please follow my story. It’s still so fresh, raw and real, but I am so glad you are reading it. I will post as often as I can about updates to do with my health and my life. Please share this with my family and giant extended family, share it with people you think will care; it’s been so difficult to contact everyone. I can’t promise it’s going to be exciting or fun, but it is definitely going to be interesting and if I continue to learn at the rate I have in the last 19 days, I am going to come out of this thing on par with Einstein.



8/4/14 – Summer Onesy is a must have in these dire times of only buttoned/zip down clothing to be worn.

61 thoughts on “Cancer Is A Dirty Word.

    • Suzie Dickinson

      So much for being a vego,eh? Missed you in class yesterday YOUSEF is great but his stories aren’t as good as yours . Look forward to working tog. once you’re over all this distraction , no pressure – in your own time xxx Suzie D

  1. Lisa Gorman

    Glad to see you have not let your standards drop and are still painting your nails, nice colour! Gorms xxx

  2. You are an inspiration young women to others who are going through, have been through and even never been through this life changing experience. Use that incredible defence you show on a netball court and attack this (bitch) head on. You go Ali LOVE YA XXX

  3. Michelle

    Ali what an inspirational and positive young woman you are. You are going to smash this out of the ball park. Xxx

  4. Ryan

    You’re amazing Ali! My thoughts are with you and if you’re ever to lazy to walk up the road for milk give me a buzz

  5. Aly.T

    You’re so strong Ali! I still look up to you as my twin… even if i am taller, you are most definitely wiser.
    Keeping you in my prayers
    love you long time

  6. Megsie

    Team D.

    I’ve always been awed, amazed and inspired by you. Even when I was 12 and pretended to be cool like you (but clearly wasn’t). X

  7. HENRY T


  8. T Unit

    You are my sunshine
    My only sunshine
    You make me hungry
    When I look at you
    I know it’s sounds weird
    But that’s the truth
    You are a trooper
    More than a zopper dooper
    So please keep putting that Smile on my face…

  9. Canadian maman

    Hello ma belle Ali, your are such a cutie,. thanks for being part of my Aussie Sunshine gals. Love you heaps, My prayers are with you and your awesome famille;)

  10. Kara CHA-CHA

    You have a bionic arm… Which obviouslyeana you have super powers…. Which clearly means this incident in your life is merely a hiccup. I love you for being so strong… And secretly wish I had super powers too. Xoxo A Cha-Cha

  11. emhudson

    I think most people covered inspiring and amazing. I just read it because I’m a lesbian and it mentioned fun bags :-)) =D> xxx

  12. emhudson

    Most people covered inspirational and amazing, I’m just here because I’m a lesbian and it mentioned fun bags! 😛 =D> xxx

  13. I read your blog from start to finish, and it was from start to finish that a distinct feeling of terror slowly, but surely, slipped away. I was foolish to be forgetful of your magnificent ability to chuckle and take charge in the face of danger.

    You’re the closest thing I’ve ever come to meeting my hero, Katniss Everdeen. Therefore, I take solace in knowing you’ll be as courageous as you are hilarious, and have the best effing army behind you the entire way.

    My thoughts are with you, Alison Elizabeth.


  14. Carissa

    We have only met a few times, but in my books you are a true inspiration that sooo many people will look up to and admire. Keep that positive spirit and you will kick this in the arse!! Sending lots of love and positive thoughts.
    Carissa xoxo

  15. Sophie Ainsworth

    In what should be a sad post, you made me smile throughout it. I am sorry to hear the news, but what a refreshing way to see someone handle this situation. My thoughts (and laughter when necessary) are with you xx

  16. Natti O

    You definitely know how to rock a onesie that’s for sure!! Thanks for sharing and letting us follow you on your journey/sunshine sabbatical! Your an inspiring woman with a hilarious outlook on life. Keep it up!! Love your extended Victorian fam!

  17. Gemma

    Ali, just read your blog in complete disbelief, yet still managed to smile with your unique spin on the way you are dealing with what must be a complete nightmare. You are a strong person (so strong you broke my nose) so I know you have the strength to get through this and whatever life throws your way. Konza says “KKkK…KKKK..KKkK k…iickkk the Ccc..Cccc..ccc…an ca!” In all seriousness thinking of you and your family and sending you all my love and well wishes xox

  18. Claire

    What an amazing, strong person you are – and what a shock this was to read. I think you could kick anything with your incredible attitude. Sending all my positive energy your way xx

  19. Kris

    An awesome piece of writing sharing such a tough experience. Thankyou for sharing your thoughts with the world. Stay strong, stay bright and keep sharing. Xx Kris

  20. Bel Flynn

    You truly are inspirational to us all. You always light up a room when you enter it. Your smile is infectious and you should be so proud of how you are dealing with this. Love to you Ali xxx

  21. Anne Soane

    Ali your amazing! I applaude your strength, I’ll be watching this space for further updates! Good luck and keep up your awesome attitude xx

  22. Caity Catalano

    Ali, the Catalano family’s thoughts and prayers are with you and your beautiful extended family as you ride the ups and downs of this journey. What an incredible start you’re off to! One amazing woman. Xx

  23. Mel McConnell

    Wow! You are such an amazingly strong woman Ali. I love your sense of humour and wonderful spirit and attitude in the face of such a nightmare. I have no doubt that you will kick cancer’s arse and come out on top even stronger. My love, thoughts and prayers are with you and your fam. Xoxo

  24. Taree

    Ali , what can I say u were and still are an amazing teacher , u have became an amazing person and friend to know , u are so inspiring to me . Stay strong coz I know u will kick cancers butt , love u

  25. Jane

    Ali, I am absolutely stunned and heartbroken………you and Courts were the dynamic duo! You are one of the strongest women I know, looking forward to seeing you beat this and move on to bigger and better things xx Jane

  26. Camille Sutton

    You are an insperation Ali. I pray to God, to give you the strength to coninue to fight and to be strong.

  27. Kate Saunders

    You are amazing. I’m sorry and angry (at life) that you have had to go through this… but I love your style…. just doing it with your head held high and a giant smile on your face! Sending you lots of love and admiration xxx

  28. Suzie Dickinson

    So much for being a vego,eh? Missed you in class yesterday YOUSEF is great but his stories aren’t as good as yours . Look forward to working tog. once you’re over all this distraction , no pressure – in your own time xxx Suzie D

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